What a pain in the neck
Leave a new you
Make the pain stop
I came to Jake with a stiff neck that ran down my arm and back. He worked through it and this morning I am feeling so much better and have a much better range of motion. Jake's space is cozy and inviting. Just like Jake. Thanks Jake for taking me on such last minute. 
Every time I have sore muscles or am in pain, Jake takes care of it! I will always go to him if I have any problems or aches!
Jacob ALWAYS does such an amazing job! He knows exactly how to hit my pain spots & I walk out feeling brand new. I recommend him to anyone experiencing pain but even more so for a relaxing, calming massage! His hands work miracles for sure!!! Thanks Jake
Serving with a passion
Sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day has always been tough on my neck, shoulders, and back. I was in town for a 7 pm wedding and my back and neck were killing me. I scheduled a noontime massage with Jake. Normally, I get other massages (usually deep tissue) every other month or so. I told Jake from the start he may have to ease up and adjust the pressure. He listened to my concerns and did ease up when needed and I left feeling better than I had in weeks. He knew my problem areas and made an effort and was successful at getting me back where I should be. It made the wedding and after-party more fun knowing I wasn't aching. His treatment area is quiet, relaxing and super clean. Jake truly cares about making you feel better and pain-free. Can't wait to go back. 

A millions bucks

Ahhh! I only had a 20-minute teaser tonight, but you best believe I booked a full session right after...! What a treat! Jacob not only makes you feel like a million bucks (and a million times more relaxed!), but he also offers really good deals and reasonable prices!! Can't wait for my next massage with him!

Get tuned up

I did not realize how troubled my upper back was from a weekend of camping until I received a ​massage from Jake this evening. He left my back feeling so open and free. Highly recommend his work to anyone with an active lifestyle needing a body tune up!
You deserve it
I deserved it!!!!! Amazing experience!!! Thank you so much, Jake Walker
To treat my self for a while! I really needed him and it was amazing!!  ☺️ ☺️
I met Jake via a chair massage promotion he was doing at my yoga studio. Once he had his hands on me, two things became immediately apparent. That he knew what he was doing, and that I needed to take care of myself and book a session asap.
I saw him at his well-appointed home studio and was thrilled with the results. He is extremely intuitive and found knots I didn’t even know existed. Not a fluff massage just for relaxation, but that’s isn’t what I needed/wanted.
Although I was a little sore the next day I felt like my shoulders were sitting two inches lower, I could breath easier and slept like a baby. Highly recommended.